pron. 'JESUS'

A Greater Is Called - Written by Brandon Lipford (Psalmist: Natasha Williams)


Founded in 2006, The Greater Expectations Intercontinental Sacred Arts Society (GEISAS) is a sacred creativity organization that inspires excellence in ministry and social impact through the arts, entrepreneurship, and education.


GEISAS develops innovative programs and sacred venture projects to define and pioneer sacred creativity in the 21st century.

 Our vision is to be an agent of transformational human development and cultural definition, inspiring people to adopt a life of creativity and passionate worship, which we believe is the perfecter of all genius, the ultimate competitive advantage, and the single most powerful releaser of human greatness. 




The Sacred Arts are creative works, performances, and endeavors, inspired by GOD 

and purely dedicated to Him, His purpose, and His glory.

Throughout history, GOD has called upon and anointed artists to make sacred things --

tabernacles, music, vessels, altars, companies, and even nations -- for use in His relations

with mankind and the world.  Answering His call, these became (and continue to become) 

sacred artists, whose inspired works not only reflect GOD's beautiful and brilliant imagination,

but carry His healing virtue, His sovereign voice, and His most holy presence.

GEISAS is dedicated to refining sacred art and its artists, to powerfully

impact the world for good.

We provide education and training in all artistic disciplines, to aid sacred artists

in perfecting their ministry and answering GOD's call for sacred artistry in the world.


A Sample of GEISAS's Sacred Arts Education Resources:

"Sacred Songwriting for Habitation"

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 Sacred Entrepreneurship provides solutions, creates opportunity, saves life, and affects culture

through the virtue and creativity of GOD's Spirit. 

The work of GOD in the world is largely accomplished through myriad ministries of His Church.

Scripture calls these ministries, administrations and operations, (I Corinthians 12) which are both

empowered and orchestrated by His Spirit.  In coordination with the ecclesiastical and liturgical ministries

of preaching the Gospel, the facilitation of worship, and Church administration, the Spirit also inspires entrepreneurship.

It is not only possible, but indeed certain, that there are dimensions of GOD's dream, which are to be

manifested and accomplished through business.  And for these dimensions, GOD calls and anoints

sacred entrepreneurs.

GEISAS is dedicated to defining sacred entrepreneurship and inspiring those anointed for its ministry

to be led by GOD's Spirit, to leap, walk, and work by faith, and to serve the world as entrepreneurs.

Through sacred entrepreneurial ventures, we develop ideas, create businesses, and deliver educational programs,

designed to inspire and to do our Father's business. 


GEISAS's Groundbreaking Entrepreneurship Program for Teens: