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GEISAS’s ALTARNATIV is an intersection of sacred culture and commerce, designed to inspire personal transformation and social change.  ALTARNATIV's live performances, art exhibits, and kingdom marketplace provide a sacred choice for entertainment, expression, social connection, and patronage, aimed at building a stronger, more self-invested community of faith.

ALTARNATIV is also a Sacred Venture Project of GEISAS, developed to generate financial support for the SAVIOURS Capital & Creativity Program.  ALL revenue and donations received at ALTARNATIV are used to support SAVIOURS.  Learn more here!




ALTARNATIV shines the spotlight on sacred creativity & culture.

From live performances and bold fashion statements to stunning visual art and photography displays, ALTARNATIV features GOD where He alone deserves to be: starring in the Spotlight!  The culture and vibe of ALTARNATIV is unapologetically sacred -- that is, holy and passionate for JESUS, and yielded to the dominion of His Spirit.  Prepare for music, spoken word, dance, fashion, drama, film, and visual art that will inspire you to live sacred, inside and out!

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ALTARNATIV lets us put our money where our faith is. 

As a host and partner of GEISAS's "SAVIOURS Marketplace", ALTARNATIV connects faith-conscious consumers with faith-based businesses and entrepreneurs.  Imagine being able to buy quality products and services you want, while also supporting businesses that stand and live for what you do.  Consider the potential for Kingdom expansion, which can be realized when we invest more of our money into Kingdom-building businesses.  That is sacred commerce, and the power of an ALTARNATIV!

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ALTARNATIV is a place to alter things... from the altar.

GOD has given us power and creativity, not to conform to culture but to affect change in it.  To a world, shadowed in darkness and building on sand, we are called to carry the light of the Gospel and reaffirm the sure foundation of Christ, the Rock.  This ministry of affecting change without is fueled by transformation within.  ALTARNATIV is a place for that transformation.  Through creative ministry, focused and fervent prayer, true worship, and kingdom business, ALTARNATIV is where everything -- our life and our world -- changes!



ALTARNATIV is a sacred venture project presented by GEISAS in partnership with the Greater Works Youth Ministry (GWYM) of Zion Pentecostal Church of Christ. 

GWYM is an auxiliary ministry of Zion, designed to serve the spiritual and developmental needs of the Church's youth (ages 12-35).  Greater Works facilitates spiritual, social, and educational programming to edify Zion's young people and establish a healthy environment for fellowship and growth.

Connect with and learn more about GWYM here, as well as its home Church, Zion Pentecostal Church of Christ.

For more info on ALTARNATIV, email or call (216) 282-4787.


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General Admission: $3 Donation

*ALTARNATIV dates and locations may be modified throughout the year.  Visit this page to check for any changes.

Believe in the vision?  Help us make the change!

All donations are tax-deductible and are used to support

ALTARNATIV and the SAVIOURS Capital & Creativity Program.