limitless utterance of movement


TONGUES Sacred Dance Intensive (TSDI) is a 4-8 session series, which guides dancers of all skill levels through the creative processes of sacred dance choreography and performance, using Modern, African, Ballet, and Jazz dance styles.  Each class is designed to increase dancers' versatility in performance, choreography, and ministry, by teaching them how to identify and incorporate elements of different dance styles into sacred dance.  In addition, each session teaches core principles of worship and sacred dance ministry to enhance dancers’ understanding of their spiritual calling and impact.

TSDI is a program within GEISAS's Sacred Artist Development catalog, which offers high quality, anointed instruction to help sacred artists achieve excellence in worship and artistic performance.  TONGUES classes are taught by highly skilled dance educators, who carefully communicate principles, demonstrate movements, guide learning exercises, and personally coach dancers through their learning process.  Additionally, TSDI's teaching of precise technique, innovative choreography, and sacred concepts engage and challenge dancers at all levels of their development, providing an enriching learning experience that evolves as each dancer grows individually.

TONGUES In Movement

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