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SAVIOURS is a unique social entrepreneurship program that inspires young people to engage compassion and creativity through the arts, while empowering them to make positive social impact as entrepreneurs.  Through an integrated learning experience, SAVIOURS students develop character, an entrepreneurial mindset, and artistic skills to cultivate the creativity and consciousness needed for 21st century leadership.  Presented in this way, SAVIOURS helps students connect the power of entrepreneurship with artistic creativity and social engagement, awakening them to their capacity to create a better world!

SAVIOURS offers an innovative entrepreneurial curriculum along with a dynamic arts experience, both tailored to teenage learners. The program's content is aligned with Common Core and Entrepreneurship Academic Content standards, and continuously crafted through the collaboration of GEISAS, John Carroll University, Junior Achievement of Greater Cleveland (JA), and professional teaching artists.  Through this collaboration, GEISAS developed and currently facilitates SAVIOURS's signature 'saviour entrepreneurship' model, which emphasizes heroism through social entrepreneurship, guided by creativity and compassion.  Artistically, GEISAS's spirited thought leadership in the sacred arts, coupled with ongoing collaboration with teaching artists, allows SAVIOURS's arts content to remain inspired and cutting-edge.



SAVIOURS's interactive learning sessions are facilitated by experienced entrepreneurs and collegiate professors, who educate and challenge students to think outside of the box in developing bold, innovative solutions to the problems and needs within their own communities.  Lessons and workshops engage students in ideation, problem solving, leadership, math and financial management, and collaboration to prepare them to thrive in the modern world.  Students create conceptual business plans, design web sites and marketing packages, pitch their business ideas to potential investors and customers, plan and present community events, and sell products in both live and online marketplaces.  SAVIOURS also engages local entrepreneurs to speak to students about the realities and opportunities of entrepreneurship.


Beginning in January 2019, during select semesters, SAVIOURS students will also have the opportunity

to earn college credit from John Carroll University's Boler College of Business, through the Ohio

Department of Education's College Credit Plus (CCP) program.  Credits are transferable to any college

or university in the country.  Each semester that students enroll in the SAVIOURS program, they will also

be enrolled as JCU students.  CCP allows students to seize this opportunity at no costand begin

earning their college degree while still completing their high school diploma!

(*John Carroll University’s entrepreneurship program is ranked in the top 25 best undergraduate programs in the nation

by U.S. News and World Report. Learn more about the Entrepreneurship Minor & the Boler College of Business here.)



SAVIOURS students also study and work in multiple art forms, under the mentorship of professional teaching artists, to cultivate their creativity and produce portfolios of powerful artwork.  Art forms include theater, dance, filmmaking, fashion design, vocal performance and recording, photography, creative writing, and both traditional and digital visual arts.  Students develop artistic skills, refine self-expression, build confidence, and learn ways to employ the arts and creativity in business, service, and ministry.  Throughout the program and at its culminating symposium, students perform and exhibit their art in support of social causes, and sell their work as creative entrepreneurs.


COACH-CEO – SAVIOURS’s Company of Angels Community for Heroism in Creativity, Entrepreneurship, and Opportunity – is a network of role models, advisors, and mentors, collectively invested and committed to supporting the students of the SAVIOURS program.  COACH-CEO 'Angels' are entrepreneurs and professionals, artists, educators, clergypersons, and community leaders, who give of their time, talent, and treasure to cultivate a new generation of creators and heroes.

COACH-CEO Angels live, work, and serve in the same communities as our

SAVIOURS’s students, and provide a support network that is vital to their success and development.  Angels engage in the SAVIOURS program through Guest Speaker Presentations, 1-on-1 Learning Lunches, Shadowing Opportunities and Internships, Pitch Coaching, Networking, and Charitable Support.


Being present, invested, and integrated into the SAVIOURS experience empowers COACH CEO Angels to impact not only the lives of individual students, but the ideas, perspectives, and aspirations that will shape our future!


Each SAVIOURS session culminates with a capstone entrepreneurship symposium and arts exhibition -- The SAVIOURS Symphony & Symposium -- highlighting the students' businesses and creativity!


SAVIOURS is facilitated in 12-16 week after school sessions, during the Fall and Spring semesters.  Participation is open to all 10th - 12th grade students, with an interest in learning about entrepreneurship and engaging in a dynamic arts experience.  In addition to enrolling in SAVIOURS HERE, students interested in earning college credit must also apply to John Carroll University directly and complete the College Credit Plus (CCP) registration process.  Click HERE for details on CCP at John Carroll, and follow the steps below to complete your enrollment.  Feel free to contact us and see your school's guidance counselor or CCP administrator for help!



Yes!  Customized versions of the SAVIOURS program, as well as individual arts and entrepreneurship workshops, can also be designed for your school, community center, or place of worship.  If you are interested in bringing SAVIOURS to your student body, youth ministry, or group, click here to build a program with us, or contact GEISAS at (216) 282-4787 to discuss what you have in mind!

SAVIOURS Inspiration: Teen Entrepreneurs with Big Ideas & Successful Entrepreneurs with Great Advice! 

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